Dear Shaded Viewers,

I met Elissey in Moscow 15 years ago in Moscow when he had just started working for Russian Elle. From time to time our paths have crossed over the years, the last time was in Florence last summer at Palazzo Corsini for a party for Pitti. This is his first single and I wanted to share it with you.

Written by ELISSEY (

Produced by PAVEL NIKOLSKY & ANTON FISH (song)

“This is the video for my first single ‘Without You’. The song is a self talk and a first-person narrative. So is the video. I’ve always had lack of harmony with dogs since my own one bit me hard in the leg when I was eleven. Not so long ago sitting in the park nearby my apartment in Moscow I saw the dog walking around alone and something clicked in me so that I realised we’re not so different. The following night I had a dream about this dog like I’ve spent one day being in his body, seeing what he sees and feeling what he feels. It was quite surreal but mostly was it’s ending when I felt like was nearly dying and then saw an Afghan hound running towards me from the dark tunnel – she was white and full of light and actually looked like a dog’s kind of angel. I already had the song written and recorded by that time so I just realised what the video for this track should look like. Then with the help of most talented enthusiasts I know (all mentioned in the titles) we created this video, having made a huge casting for the main character and the white hound, having visited a few kennels and doghouses (imagine how freaked out I was to find myself there and needless to say how shocked I was seeing those dogs living in their cells..) and having spotted dozens of locations to make it look the way it is. In the end I think the video is a perfect match with the music. Just the way I saw it.”

Diane Pernet

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