GRADUATION 2020 live stream | CANCELATION- The Institute of Fashion Design Gruppe DOING FASHION – Basel Graduation photos by ©AgnesLeclaire

As of yesterday, all events with more than 100 participants are prohibited in Switzerland as per decision of the federal council in connection with the new coronavirus. In clubs, bars and restaurants a maximum of 50 people is allowed. The planned production of a live stream show involving designers, models and broad production team would exceed these limits.

For this reason, the announced doing fashion live stream on Saturday March 14th at 8 pm will not take place.

The Institute of Fashion Design Basel wants to enable their graduates show their work. The production of the Graduation will be carried out in a sequence and recorded in small teams under the title:


The video will be directed in collaboration with Gruppe Magazine and their art director Fritz Schiffers. The Graduation 2020 will premier on Sunday March 15th on

Dear Shaded Viewers,

On March 14th at 20h 24 graduate designers from the Institute of Fashion Design Institute of the University of Art and Design FHNW will present their final projects. The Doing Fashion Live Stream replaces the normal event due to the Swiss government control of the corona virus.

Doing Fashion means getting involved and participating responsibly in shaping the present and future. Fashion is conveyed as part of an everyday culture that can take a critical stance on social changes and drive them forward.

The designers: Yannik Zamboni, Selina Willi, Anique Wild, Sabeth Weibel, Jonas Schneider, Pauline Schafferus, Timea-Luana Panier, Colin Yves Meyer, Leandra Lorenz, Selina Hirsch, Tati Haupt, Alev Gungor, Nina Gruninger, Samantha Graber, Camilla Fivian, Sade Fink, Reto Emmenegger, Anna Eberle, Diren Duman, Mara Danz, Willem Conrad, Anastasia Bull, Seraina Buchi & Corinne Baumann.

Coming Soon: Gruppe’s Livestream of the Institute Fashion Design’s Graduation Show 2020


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