Dear Shaded Viewers,

RAMIDUS opened their doors in the location that previously was owned by Headporter for the past 20 years. Headporter was known for their Tokyo style bags and for being the leading name of Harajuku subculture scene. The same team of bag experts and designers are behind the brand RAMIDUS. RAMIDUS  is in search for the “New Standard” with an eye on borderless, genderless and ageless bags.

The architect Nobuo Araki designed 2 stores ‘RAMIDUS TOKYO’ and ‘RAMIDUS OSAKA’ inspired by museum archive rooms. Araki is a long term collaborator of Hiroshi Fujiwara the collaborating partner of RAMIDUS. The space consists of white walls, large mirrors and the moveble grided panels which displays the products in the same way museums archive their art collection.



Diane Pernet

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