GUCCI Creative director Alessandro Michele and Yorgos Lanthimos collaborate on the new GUCCI Campaign

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Alessandro Michele entrusts Yorgos Lanthimos, think The Lobster where single men and women who can’t find a partner are transformed into their favourite animal for eternity, with the new GUCCI campaign and the animal here is the horse part of the DNA of GUCCI lineage. Is the horse a pet, a family member, a therapy assistant, a deity bearing messages of Love? Who knows the campaign is an exercise in warm ambiguity, a daily act of surrealism, a celebration of the paradoxical. Ultimately, the plot of the story is left to the viewer’s appreciation. To each eye its own path.

The horse could just as easily be the new incarnation of a human. It should not be forgotten that Zeus often took on the appearance of animals to seduce. Nevertheless, the horse also symbolizes freedom. Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2020 show celebrated fashion’s ability to break the rules through self-determination of personal style. Perhaps the presence of the horse in the film serves as a reminder of this.


Directeur de la création : Alessandro Michele

Directeur artistique : Christopher Simmonds
Photographe/réalisateur : Yorgos Lanthimos

Coiffure : Paul Hanlon
Maquillage : Thomas De Kluyver

Lieu : Los Angeles / Château Marmont

Crédits musique :

« Everybody’s Talkin’ » par Harry Nilsson

(F. Neil)

(P) Date de sortie : 1968. Tous droits réservés par RCA Records, une division de Sony Music Entertainment.

© Third Palm Music / BMG Platinum Songs US. Avec l’aimable autorisation de BMG Rights Management (Italy) srl



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