L’étoffe des rêves de Lee Young-hee. Séoul-Paris opens December 4th at the National Museum of Asian Art -Musee Guimet

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Lee Young-hee (1936-2018) is celebrated in Korea as one of the most important fashion designers as well as having international success. She has always drawn inspiration from traditional Korean dress, the hanbok, and re-interprets it throughout her career. In 2019 Lee Young-hee donated 1300 pieces to the Guimet Museum. The retrospective is conceived with the ancient textiles, accessories and 75 Haute Couture pieces.

The exhibition consists of Lee Young-hee’s creative journey. Focused on the research she consecrated to the traditional Korean hanbok in the process of  creating a modern version of the traditional garb. We are given the opportunity to examine  the material and techniques she used in creating both ready to wear and her Haute Couture. You could say that the hanbok was her obsession .

In 1993 Lee Young-hee was the first Korean designer to present a collection of ready-to-wear in Paris. She presented 20 catwalks in Paris until  2004 . In 2010 she returned to Paris to present her first Haute Couture collection followed by Haute Couture collections in 2012 and 2016.

In this exhibition “Efoffes de vents et de songes” all traditional materials are explored including materials made from pineapple fibre and silk, playing with the effects of mixing and layering light as air textiles with rougher ones.


Sophie Makariou, présidente du MNAAG, commissaire générale
Hélène Gascuel, conservatrice des collections textiles du MNAAG


Publication :

L’étoffe des rêves de Lee Young-hee. Séoul-Paris.
Coédition MNAAG / Editions de la Martinière, 128 pages, 22,50 €

Musée national des arts asiatiques – Guimet

6, place d’Iéna, 75116 Paris – +33 1 56 52 53 00



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