SAINT LAURENT SELF 05 curated by Wong Kar Wai presented by Anthony Vaccarello

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Wong Kar Wai is a long time friend of ASVOFF, in fact we screened his early films at You Wear it Well in 2006 my fashion film festival that proceeded ASVOFF.

Saint Laurent SELF 05, ‘A night in Shanghai’, curated by Chinese artist Wong Kar Wai and directed by Wing Shya, marks the fifth chapter of the project, following Daido Moriyama, Vanessa Beecroft, Bret Easton Ellis and Gaspar Noé. The intention of the project is to capture different aspects of the Saint Laurent personality, underlining the complexity of various individuals through the eyes of artists selected by Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent creative director. SELF represents the self-expression and conveys many different facets of the Saint Laurent attitude.

‘A night in Shanghai’ is a story about the introspective research of our-self, which starts from breaking the balance. Ju Xiaowen is walking on the wire, trying to find the balance in real life by comparing the past and the present, sharply contrasting. Looking for who she is and moved by the desire to express herself.

‘Saint Laurent is unique, distinctive among high fashion. Anthony loves art and his designs worn gorgeously, and stays independent. Saint Laurent is always about ‘breaking the balance’ in this era, like no one else, the brand is brave in expressing itself.’ Wong Kar Wai ‘

Wong Kar Wai envisions individual feelings; his art is like a vivid dream projected into real life, which emphasizes the contrast between the fragile aspect of humanity and reality. It was a very instinctive process based on mutual respect and admiration, in the movie you can find and feel the Saint Laurent fantasy taking shape as natural consequence.’ Anthony Vaccarello

The traditional feeling of Shanghai meets the contemporary Saint Laurent, creating a subtle chemistry, as much as the modern skyline of the city blends with the iconic spirit of the brand.

The short movie was exclusively presented in an immersive screen-installation at Yuz Museum in Shanghai art district, accessible to public from the 22nd until the 24th of November.

Curated by #WongKarWai Presented by #SaintLaurent #AnthonyVaccarello Directed by #WingShya #YSLSELF05 @ysl by @anthonyvaccarello

Diane Pernet

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