Fandango at Musee du quai branly-jacques chirac Friday – Sunday 17 November photos by Marco de Rivera

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Last night my friend Marco de Rivera and I went to see Fandango at the Musee du quai branly. Mexican Fandango is a blend of music, dance, poetry and song. It is a tradition that is handed down through the generations and on stage you will find the eight artists of different generations assembled by the singer, bassist and violinist Joel Cruz Castellanos. Normally the Fandango is performed in festivals outside using the tarima, a wooden platform on which couples practice the zapateado. The musical style comes from the south of the state of Veracruz marked by a mix of Spanish, African and indigenous music. After an exciting and atmospheric performance we were invited to a more intimate space where the performers continued their singing and dancing and we were treated to delicious tacos by El Cartel. The highlight of the performance was when all of the performers got on the tarima and completely lifted our spirits.

    • Joel Cruz Castellanos: vocals, leona, violin
    • Carolina Cruz Castellanos: vocals, jarana, zapateado
    • Rodrigo Oliveros Valentin: vocals, requinto, zapateado
    • Erendira Abril Blanco Vargas: vocals, jarana, zapateado
    • Arcadio Baxin: vocals, jarana, zapateado
    • Sirani Guevara Gonzales: vocals, jarana, zapateado
    • Fredy Naranjos Vega: vocals, jarana, zapateado
    • -: pandero, güiro, quijada, zapateado
  • Duration: 00:45





Musee du quai branly-jacques chirac – 37, quai branly 75007 paris 07
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