Nous Les Arbres at Fondation Cartier till November 10, 2019 photos by Marco de Rivera

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Trees are among the oldest living organisms on the planet – the first known fossil forest dates from 385 million years ago. The plant world makes up 82.5%of the terrestrial biomass. Humans are only 300,000 years old and represent 0.01% of the organic mass while the plant world takes up 82.5%. For the TREES exhibition a community of artist, botanists and philosophers who have developed through a scientific or aesthetic journey, a powerful, intimate connection with trees, revealing the beauty and biological complexity of these large protagonists of the living world, today massively under threat.’Plant intelligence’ with sensory abilities, memory capacities, communication skills, symbiosis with other species and climatic influence have led to this hypothesis. “Plant intelligence” could potentially contain the answers to many of our current environmental challenges. In resonance with this “plant revolution,” Trees intertwines the ideas and theories of artists and researchers, continuing the exploration of ecological questions and the place of humans in the living world.




Diane Pernet

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