Untitled SS20 “Night Bird” – video by: Marianne Tardieu With the help of Teddy Ajolet & Denis Gaubert

Filmed by: Marianne Tardieu With the help of Teddy Ajolet & Denis Gaubert Producer:

DKB production Film editor: Ange-Marie Revel & Marianne Tardieu
Special thanks to: Anne Rohart & Manu Barrault Models: Kristina De Coninck, Axelle Doue, Louise Baillieu, Marie Caldera, Amalia Vairelli, Helena, Clara Benador, Ania Martchenko, Sam Quealy, Marie Nadja Haller, Anne Rohart, Mei Hirota, Keem, Nil Traore, Bianca O’Brien, Jo Vankerckhove, Anatheine, Jeanne Dufour, LuPhilippe Guilmette, Louis Dubus, Eliott, Jacques Leguen, Lukas Ionesco, Ulysse, Lous Alexis Demain.
Show production: TwoTwenty
Press: Catherine Miran
Make-up: Sharon Dowsett
Hair: Laurent Molle
UNTITLED SS20 ‘Night Bird’ The process comes from an artistic will to realise instinctive clothes. The conception of Untitled first collection, « Night Bird » has indeed begun with the creation of prints based on the former collection of Pascal Humbert, be it clothes, accessories or the fanzine created for the launch. The scanner is a photograhic process that highlights the fabrics, the colors and the textures of the most important features from the last collection and transforms them in original fragments. The prints are then draped in a disrupted movement. They create a trompe l’œil, where animated printed fabric appears on motionless fabric, where a former collection creates the new one. The scanned pieces from the last edition of Pascal Humbert also appear to create nomadic characters, that unveil the genuine clothes. For the handmade line, rests of fabric as well as second-hand objects are used to create new pieces, carefully made in Paris. This recycling will is also used in the ready-to-wear collection where skai comes from a second-hand warehouse. The « Night Bird » collection is a timeless wardrobe with a special edge, that allows both women and men to fully own the clothes. Thought as the essentials of a wardrobe, this new line is made of a few pieces, just like a canvas, that are repeated, each of them with a specific and particular detail. The pieces are hybrid, oscillating between tailoring and streetwear, between handmade production and modern look. Just like the prints, the « Night Bird » clothes are made of shapes and deformation, where straight lines become curves, shirts are originally cut, where trousers float around the body as if they where taken away. Accessories become one with the body, like an extension of the clothes, the belt buckle is deformed, the purse distorts the hip…
The presentation of Untitled first collection is a sharing moment, in the middle of the life of a café, of an hectic street. Models wander around as if they where regular customers mixed with the crowd. The realism of the situation allows to make these characters authentic.
Diane Pernet

A LEGENDARY FIGURE IN FASHION and a pioneer of blogging, Diane is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris. During her prolific career, she designed her own successful brand in New York, costume designer, photographer, and filmmaker.