Backstage with Sonny Vandevelde at Iris Van Herpen

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The show was titled ‘Hypnosis’ and was truly hypnotic inspired by the hypnotic manifolds within our ecologies with a large kinetic sculpture by the American artist Anthony Howe. The collection had wings and Howe’s sculpture was the wind beneath the wings. Howe’s spherical ‘Omniverse’ sculpture explores our relationship with nature and intertwines with infinite expansion and contraction, expressing a universal life cycle.

One of the key pieces of the collection, the finale ‘Infinity’ dress comes alive on the breath of a finely balanced mechanism. An engineered skeleton of aluminium, stainless steel and bearings is embroidered with a delicate layering of feathers in cyclical flight; revolving around their own centre.

‘The Hypnosis’ collection is hypnotic visualisation of nature’s tapestry, the symbiotic cycles of our biosphere that interweave the air, land, and oceans. It also reflects the ongoing dissection of the rhythms of life and resonates with the fragility within these interwoven worlds.’ Iris van Herpen

Above photos by yours truly nothing like Sonny but….gives you the atmosphere..



Diane Pernet

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