Dear Shaded Viewers,

It’s been probably 10 years since I attended a school show at La Cambre. The last time was when I was on the jury and Raf Simons and Manish Arora were co-presidents. What I’ve always appreciated about a La Cambre show was the individuality and also the feeling that there was joy in the creations. Above is a sample of the 5 year program.

Prix Etoile de Bazar : Samuel Quertinmont

Prix Atomium : Louis Appelmans

Prix ELLE : Clémence Gautier

Prix Ville de Bruxelles : Abdel El Tayeb

Prix Jean-Claude Biguine : Nora Somer

Prix de la Secrétaire d’état au Commerce et à la Région Bruxelloise: Nora Somer

Prix 254 Forest : Abdel El Tayeb

Prix SOFAM : Abdel El Tayeb

To be updated once I receive images from Abdel El Tayeb and Nora Somer




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