Cool paintings by Ian Healy

Ian Healy is an artist. He says the people in his paintings are “no one and everyone,” said Healy. “I don’t do specific people generally. I have occasionally worked specific characters from the past like Thomas Mann, who has featured in a few drawings and paintings. They could be stylish I guess, but I don’t set out with this in mind. They are subjects mashed together from various sources and then become objects.”

However, they are defined by their bright color palette. “The colour palette exists in the world, you just have to look hard and pay attention,” said Healy. “The heightened palette is an attempt to take things out of the every day I guess. I want to show something else, something subjective or objective, that’s not in our thoughts and vision.”

Ian Healy shows at Galerie Youn at Pulse Art Fair in Miami from December 6-9, 2018