Sophie Calle at Perrotin till December 22nd Turenne Area and Impasse Saint-Claude photos by Nadja Sayej

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Nadja Sayej, Marco de Rivera and I went to the Sophie Calle exhibitions at Perrotin yesterday. This is the 15th collaboration with Calle and Perrotin Paris since the gallery began with the artist in 2001. For the past 40 years the French artist has been working with narratives, photography, performance and video revealing both the intimate and the public.

The exhibition opens with a series of new photographs from the series Parce que (Because) concealed by curtains embroidered with text for viewers to read before lifting the curtain to discover the image. Marco took this as the perfect opportunity to teach French to Nadja Seyej.

For Souris Calle Calle calls upon 40 musicians and singers who each composed a piece of music in homage to Souris, the artist’s cat that died in 2014. Pictured above Marco and I listening to Casey Spooner. “Sophie Calle shares with the bereaved who, to contain their grief, elevate their dearly departed to an ideal of perfection.” said Yve-Alain Bois, art critic.

After our visit we passed Le Petit Fer a Cheval and I introduced Naja to the best tarte tatin in Paris. I have to stop eating sweets.




Diane Pernet

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