Universität der Künste, SCHAU18 – by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Whilst ASVOFF was in Rome last weekend, I found myself in Berlin, for the 2018 graduation show of the Universität der Künste. As graduation shows go, it ticked all the right boxes – starting with two models in a street fight unpeeling each other’s layers, it featured a giant pink stuffed rabbit tucked into sleepwear, twin knits knots, furry animalier claws. Building blocks of fishnet and cardboard gave rise to genderfluid capsules. But in the spirit of ASVOFF’s tenth birthday and the new edition that all the sooner will follow, I would like to use this post to highlight some of most intriguing fashion films the students have worked on this past year.

‘I am because you were’, the graduation collection of MA student Pierre-Yves Dalka, from South Africa, explores cultural hybridity in a postcolonial context through the means of dance. Jan Tepe’s ‘Morphosis’ project, insteadm counts three full-body anatomical suits, with sewn-in patterns of blood vessels and muscles, implanted with technology that allow the wearers to touch one another at a distance, by touching themselves.

The sixth semester students, meanwhile, were collaborating with Wolford in the Core Body Reform project – to give their own interpretation of the brand’s best-known daily staple. Here’s my favourites among the resulting films, by Marlene Haase, Ilona Karácsony, and Louisa Krüger.


Congratulations to all the UdK students and staff!