Grand Prize in Partnership with Persol – Grisha’s Guide to Kiev by Jordan Blady

Shaded Viewers,

More later but I wanted to give you the news:

Student Prize x Premiere Heure – Alec Davis – Stuck Inside

ASVOFF + Kids of the Banlieue collaboration between Ecole de la Cite + Casa 93

Winner: Adele Bouvier for Stella

Best Emerging talent- Alec Davis – Stuck Inside

Best Styling –Sgualdrina For GCDS by Nadia Lee Cohen

Best Beauty-BLACK by Isaac Lock

Best Advertising-Postman Dreams by Autumn de Wilde for Prada

Best Acting –The Great Newman by Suzie and Leo

Best Editing –Women in Shadow by Maximilian Homaei

Best Sound Design –Charles Jeffrey – Loverboy by Matt Lambert

Best Art Direction-Our  Time by Diane Russo

Best Cinematography – Glow by Ivan Olita

Best Documentary x Sanghamitra – Elisha Smith-Leverock for Miss Black Germany

Grand Prize in Partnership with Persol – Grisha’s Guide to Kiev by Jordan Blady

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for Journalism – Loic Prigent

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for retail –  24Sevres  Ian Rogers

GLOBAL CHAMPION’S AWARD – for designer – Kim Jones, Dior -accepted by Catherine Baba

Pictures to follow but it is 02h25 and time for bed.

Congratulations to all the winners and to my amazing jury that gave all of these films a lot of thought.

Tomorrow is the last day of ASVOFF so if you are in Paris check the schedule… click on Asvoff 10 and the link below the trailer will take you to the program.

Huge thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier who invited ASVOFF into his wonderful world. Thank you to all of our sponsors: Persol, Premiere Heure, Zeville, Philipp Cohen Solal, La Fabrique a Projects, GCDS, Sanghamitra, il isonte, 1K Paris, ChariTea, NOAM, Rosilene Chef, Zebra Champagne, iYaBasta and i-D. My jury, my friends, and the jewel box that is Club de l’Etoile and all of their team. Next stop, ASVOFF travels to Rome October 20-22 to continue the celebration at Palazzo Altemps sponsored by BVLGARI. See you there.



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