Monkey Business: Gina Drewes at MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2018. By Glenn Belverio


Dear Shaded Viewers,

I was positively enchanted by this uber-cute catwalk from Gina Drewes, a young Austrian designer  who founded her brand in 2007. As a fashion journalist, I’ve seen “the return of ladylike looks” more times than I care to admit over the past three decades but for this fall collection, Drewes shook the cobwebs off this perennial trope with exaggerated details and youthful insouciance.

Sprinkled throughout Drewes’ “Belle de Jour” collection were pieces from the designer’s evergreen project Monkey on My Shoulder: outsized stoles that seemed composed of Yeti fur or explosions of confetti. In one instance, long hair (human? Vintage monkey?) cascaded from shoulder pads that were appropriate for a goth football team. Drewes solves the problem of prissy Peter Pan collars by blowing them up to cartoonish proportions and placing them atop thigh-high mini-dresses.



2018-09-13-MQVFW-19-00h-a-Gina Drewes-EP-Presse-007



2018-09-13-MQVFW-19-00h-a-Gina Drewes-EP-Presse-005




2018-09-13-MQVFW-19-00h-a-Gina Drewes-EP-Presse-009

2018-09-13-MQVFW-19-00h-a-Gina Drewes-EP-Presse-010

2018-09-13-MQVFW-19-00h-a-Gina Drewes-EP-Presse-001

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 5.02.54 PM

The correct attire for würstel dining on-the-go.

Glenn Belverio



Glenn Belverio

Glenn Belverio is a writer and New Yorker. He has been reporting for ASVOF since 2005 and currently works at The Museum of Modern Art as the Content Manager for MoMA Design Store.