Edition N. 5 of the LVMH Prize – Grand Prize Winner is…DOUBLET special prize to ROKH

Dear Shaded Viewers,

And the winner is….DOUBLET

Doublet is a brand that is established in 2012. First collection was debuted in 2013 Spring Summer collection. Collection design is based on basic and standard products however doublet designs and adds idea to create “a feeling of strangeness daily wear”. doublet collection consists of ready to wear, shoes and accessories.
Masayuki Ino is born in Gunma province in 1979.
Graduated from Tokyo Mode Academy school and had experience of working as a designer. One of his unforgettable experience was when he had worked at MIHARAYASUHIRO as a shoes and accessory design chief. After MIHARA, he established the brand “doublet” with a pattern maker Takashi Murakami. doublet collection debuted in 2013 Spring Summer.

Special jury prize went to ROKH by Rok Hwang (South Korean designer based in London). Womenswear showing in Paris.


The other finalists were : A-COLD-WALLby Samuel Ross (British designer based in London). Menswear showing in London.

BOTTERby Rushemy Botter & Lisi Herrebrugh (Dutch designers based in Antwerp). Menswear showing in Paris.

CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOYby Charles Jeffrey (British designer based in London). Womenswear and menswear showing in London.

ECKHAUS LATTAby Zoe Latta & Mike Eckhaus (American designers based in New York and Los Angeles). Womenswear and menswear showing in New York.

KWAIDAN EDITIONS by Léa Dickely & Hung La (French and American-Vietnamese designers based in London). Womenswear showing in Paris.

LUDOVIC DE SAINT SERNIN by Ludovic de Saint Sernin (French designer based in Paris). Gender-neutral fashion showing in Paris.

MATTHEWADAMS DOLAN by Matthew Adams Dolan (American designer based in New York). Gender-neutral fashion showing in New York.




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