Dear Shaded Viewers,

The many dimensions of Samuel Fasse…this is one of them. Recently he had a one man show at the Gallery JOYCE in Palais Royal where you could see a film of his VR performance at Centre Pompidou and the art installation. In the hands of Fasse, the scarf becomes a symbol of territory, conquest and displacement. The way he sees it, depending on their experience, the protagonists collect various imaginary objects that bear witness to their passage into an imaginary world. On their journey the elements are grafted and mutated, thus constituting the work. The actual print becomes a reflection of their experience.

Samuel Fasse presents here, in a demanding extension of his performance at the Palais de Tokyo, an editorial gesture in collaboration with Camille Vivier. Where the emphasis on the transversality of his creative work restores a way, a mode of composition, whothinks of the accessory as much as the body that carries it, from the digital image to the motif placed.

Correspondence and discrepancies where paradoxical and beautiful scenes, relative and plastic temporalities emerge.”

Fasse uses 100% ecological printing (OEKO-TEX® label) on synthetic textile fibers made entirely in France and in a series of 5 visuals in limited quantity. Manual embroidery is added by the artist Veronica Lombardi taking the serial number of the model, and eyelets, details signatures of the object.

The scarves are part of a series of derived products consisting of other physical objects like sculptures: or virtual, such as videos: all of these elements are taken from his first performance revealing the collection from Studio Fasse at Palais de Tokyo.

As an aside, you can catch him at the opening of ASVOFF 10 September 7th at Palais Bulles.



Diane Pernet

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