Zeville – the making of my very special spider leg table…30 hours of manual labor

Dear Shaded Viewers,

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the spider table came into my life. The spider table is hand crafted in the Black Forest in Germany and it is hand welded in steel and the table top is made of hand made glass plate. In order to create this magical table one locksmith and one metalworker teamed up for this project to create the frame completely by hand. It took over 30 hours of work. They hand welded the steel leg by leg until the Ennox-Table finally became alive.

Zeville also creates a gold plated version which sells quite well on the asian and american market but they wanted to create a version that speaks to them and it certainly resonates with me. I’m in heaven. Saro and her partner used 2 different acids to get it all rusty and then highlighted some of the best parts to make it a one of a kind piece. At the end it was top coated by two layers of a special clear varnish to give it a used  yet elegant finish.

spider table gold plated

What can I say…I am in love.

In addition to the hand crafted tables they make other luxury products, visit their website: http://zevillecrystal.com/.





Diane Pernet

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