Introducing A Shaded View on Skincare

Egyptian Skincare


I wonder if anyone feels like they have found their way to have perfect skin… Honestly, I don’t think “perfect skin” even exists!

We have been looking at our reflections for 8,000 years and one thing still hasn’t changed; we are still trying to get rid of acne and prevent aging!

Somewhere, in between, exists the stage where we just put on our newest foundation and the mascara that we favorited as a teenager, and call it a day. The awkward time after we overcome acne and now worry about preventing frown lines… I call this the skin-life crisis. The first mid-life crisis, with our skin.

There are so many products out there but it’s so important to be in tune with your skin. I know that feels so abstract when your skin never seems to be cooperating! I always tell everyone that having “good skin” is not as simple as telling you about what I use and how I use it. Of course, I’ve carefully curated my skincare regimen, but it’s also about creating an equilibrium throughout the entire body. I am consistently trying out new products and using what my skin needs at the moment.

This is where I will combine your journey with mine and share my organic approach to skincare in order to get in tune with our bodies and achieve that external glow.

Think about this popular question before next week’s post…

“why do French people have such good skin?”


Stay glowing!


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Madison Pugh

I'm a New Yorker currently in Paris. Officially, I have BAs in Marketing and Psychology. Unofficially, I have a passion for everything that is beautiful.