Hans Boodt.Mannequins is happy to announce they will partner with MARGIELA/GALLIERA, 1989-2009 photo ©Francoise Cochennec/Galliera/Roger-Viollet

Margiela:Galliera 1989-2009 Hans Boodt.Mannequins

Dear Shaded Viewers,

We are all waiting with intense anticipation for the MARGIELA/GALLIERA exhibition coming March 3 -July 15th. The curator is Alexandre Samson in charge of the Palais Galliera’s contemporary collections. The exhibition is the first retrospective in Paris devoted to the Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela which traces his career from spring-summer 1989 to spring-summer 2009.

Martin Margiela (b.Louvain, 1957) graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp in 1980. He worked as Jean Paul Gaultier’s assistant between 1984-1987. He was the master of deconstruction and exposing the inside, the lining and the unfinished parts along with revealing the different stages of the manufacture, pleats, shoulder pads, patterns, bastings , etc.

He enlarged garments to 200% in his “Oversize Collection” by adapting dolls’ clothes to the life-size human form in the “Barbie Collection”. He printed trompe-l’oeil photos of dresses, sweaters and coats and established a new form of “cloven” shoe inspired by the traditioal Japanese tabis.

Margiela questioned the obsolescence of clothes with his “Artisanal” collection, long before “appropriation” was a major topic in fashion. His “Replica” series of vintage clothes were identified copies of existing vintage garments he found around the world and produced identically.

The man that promoted anonymity is famous for his use of white, his unusual venues for fashion shows and his often confusing invitations.

The exhibition will show more than 100 silhouettes, videos of defiles, House archives and special installations and Hans Boodt will provide the mannequins.



Palais Galliera

City of Paris Fashion Museum

10 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, Paris 16eme

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