Wesley Swolfs shows me the new Norwegian Rain T.Michael_Bergen collections

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Norwegian Rain and T.Michael_Bergen are collections I really adore. They are the perfect blend between sports wear and tailoring, bespoke pieces and, in addition,  a great kimono collaboration with Y & Sons Bespoke Tailoring from Kanda/Tokyo. I saw the collection for the first time years ago at Pitti in Florence and I’ve been following it ever since. I remember seeing T.Michael walking around the fair and I stopped him to tell him how great he looked and then we went together to visit his stand. Now Norwegian Rain is going to have a home in Paris. A destination shop in a cute little cobblestone alley way with a strong hint of Japan in the atmosphere and decor. The clothes have no gender as you can see both Wesley and I are modelling the kimono collaboration. I believe the shop will be appointment only and also serve as the showroom during the selling season.

Here are a few images from the collection.




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