Youth For Understanding: KOCHÉ Pre-Fall 2018.

Dear Shaded Viewers & Diane,

Pumped by its own irreversible fluidity, fashion is now brutally touring worldwide as Paris’ Koché pre-fall defilé performed in NYC a few days ago; the perfect example of a transatlantic transaction. The show-generated dynamic proved: the loss of an irreplaceable 21st century couturier, but compensating; tomorrow’s ones are calling for urgent renovation by daring and chasing the far way.

More than performing on the Trump’s arenas by targeting the American markets, Koché’s designer Christelle Kocher activated Paris outside Paris – when Paris is currently sleeping – through an independent pop-up calendar with overseas success. Concluding, presentations abroad are affordable and exportable for everyone; voilà!

In the top ten pre-fall 2018 lists you see how designers pollute their vision by peeking at each other’s work, but Koché’s seems immune to viral phenomena. There’s something differently Parisian about her work, distant to the city’s static melancholy, yet couturesque. Absolutely New York-ish mon chéri: the sports as the daily double-shot energizer to deal with the big apple demands; to finally hit the streets dressing the beyond instead of conventional uniforms.

Was there a poetical-political message behind it? Probably yes! Not one, but all finale models were carrying books like mass addictions do in religion in those cultures calling for union and support: similar to the fanaticism in football (Paris Saint-Germain Club supports the designer). Indeed, her runway was the place where manifestation started no matter if you were heading upper-side or lower Manhattan after the show.

Phonetically, I wonder how New Yorkers might pronounce Koché – kouchii? Fortunately, very similar to chic, bannering that humoristic street chicesque that is already impregnated into the brand’s DNA.


Photos: © Indigitalimages



Sr. Marcelo Horacio Maquieira

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