Galerie Balice Hertling – Enzo Cucchi

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I had the pleasure of previewing the work of Enzo Cucchi at the Galerie Balice Hertling the night before the opening. I am ashamed to admit that I was not familiar with the Italian painter from Morro d’Alba, province of Ancona . He is a key member of the Italian Transavanguardia movement along with Francesco Clemente, Mimmo Paladino and Sandro Chia. Along with his painting he has recently put his focus on sculpture and drawing . He has a fascination with the eyes he says they are the part of the body that has no problems, the heart he says has the problem. You will observe that the horse has no eyes and on the painting sometimes you will see four eyes or at any rate more than two.

As we walk through the galerie Cucchi explains his love for horses which he considers the perfect animal and the only one that would die for you. When questioned about dogs he says they have their limits whereas a horse has none and they are the most beautiful and will give their life for you. You will find a horse in many of the drawings. the paintings on exhibition were made a few years ago and the drawings are very recent. At the entrance of the galerie is a sculpture that Cucchi considers to be the most contemporary piece in the galerie and when you ring the bell it changes the whole atmosphere of the space.

Galerie Balice Hertling

239 rue Saint Martin

If you arrive at 239 you will see a massage parlor, walk around the corner facing the square, that is where the galerie is located.



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