A proposition by Osei Bonsu – Steffani Jemison: Sensus Plenior Jeu de Paume, 17 October 21 January

Osei Bonsu Steffani Jemison- Sensus Plenior

A presentation of the new video Sensus Plenior by Steffani Jemison, commissioned as part of the 10th Satellite Program, will be installed in the lower galleries of Jeu de Paume.

Steffani Jemison combines time-based media and discursive platforms to examine African-American culture. Sensus Plenior (Latin for “Fuller Meaning”) considers the relationship between language, gesture and song in black gospel pantomime, focusing on the work and ideas of ordained minister Susan Webb and the Master Mime Ministry of Harlem. Through their elaborate and ecstatic choreography, the gospel mime performers draw on dual genealogies that can be traced both to the revolutionary mime artist Marcel Marceau and West African dance traditions.

In addition, a site-specific installation entitled THE OLD AND THE NEW will also be on view. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with contributions by American historian Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts and Steffani Jemison (available here). A concurrent exhibtion will run at the CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux until November 12.

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