” Irreversible Intricacy”by Elanur Erdogan/DOBS NY photos by Didem

Dear Shaded Viewers,

” Irreversible Intricacy” is the latest collection by New York designer Elanur Erdogan/DOBS. The concept behind the collection is to alter the perception of beauty. All textiles from the show are repurposed materials personally collected over the past two years by Elanur Erdogan/DOBS NY. This includes leather  purchased from an artist Erdogan met in Amsterdam, while working for Iris van Herpen, who tans non edible animal organs that she obtains from local slaughter houses. All the textiles (aside from the leather) were naturally dyed on Erdogan’s stove top. Keeping with that theme  the decor- all of the flowers were either collected from the trash or donated by businesses who intended to throw them away, vases were food jars/glass water bottles etc.

My beautiful friend Jules aka Bijules wearing a custom made DOBS dress to the premiere of Mother in NYC.




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Diane Pernet

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