INVISIBLE ACTS is the child project of the AGANOVICH duo, Brooke Taylor and Nana Aganovich.

It is an ongoing project that allows to take part and discover an alternative to producing/consuming processes, while taking a step towards environmental concerns. With a radical chic approach to related ecological and consuming questions, they are proposing a slow motion edition of garments that is modifying our relationship to fashion as it generates INVISIBLE ACTS with counterproposals to the fast fashion.

With a first statement on a homemade film, its premiere piece is a jacket. It had to start with a radical cover, with this “Rodchencko style ” jacket that the workers and artists around the world arbore with pride. Made out of clean cotton as known as non-GMO, and using traditional weaving machines, with world’s leading pioneers, they use organic fibers and ‘fabricca lenta’ (slow making or slow weaving) processes.
The workers style outfit is soft but strong and raw, it is dyed with natural colors.

Raw, and straight forward, it is a really exciting ongoing project as this leads us to think forward in a new cycle, matching dates in a Spring of ideas and a radical chic statement.

The first volet of this adventure starts here: