Loewe Craft Prize 2017: Winner and Mentions

Dear Diane, dear Shaded Viewers,

Above on the left is Ernst Gamperl, the craftsman who’s taken the Loewe Carft Prize -the brand gives another prize yearly to poetry authors that’s very respected-. Following the jury’s words, ‘For the way in which this work explores the meeting point between formal values and a social message. This is an object that is both beautiful, and teaches us the value of recycling. It is based on rescuing fallen trees and bringing nature back to life with exquisite skill. It is the work of a gifted craftsman who has the special ability to have developed a distinctive individual voice rather than a style or signature’.

On the right hand picture Yoshiaki Kojiro got the mention for  ‘the exercise of research, embracing risk and innovation by mixing materials to achieve a shape that is ultimately a structure of experimentation.’

Below, to Artesanías Panikua, from Mexico, receive another mention for the beautiful piece they created: ‘capable of arousing feelings before one even begins to rationalise it. Apart from its emotional impact, the piece speaks of a collective cultural legacy, demonstrating that craftsmanship with artistic ambition should have no material limits; straw can be just as important as gold.’




Mario Canal

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