A trip to Monaco’s Vintage Car Museum and an exhibition of Stephane Bolongaro and his wonderful creation, Totor

Dear Shaded Viewers,

WIth everything that is going on in the world today thank God Stephane Bolongaro is there to give us a little poetry ansd sweetness. Born from a family of artists Bolongaro’a mother, an antique dealer, awakend his love for art. Along with his mother was a Jack Russel that has become his most recognized piece of art, Totor. At breakfast this morning I had a brief chat with the artist and he told me that Prince Albert saw Totor, the love story began there and ended up with a special exhibition of Totor in many poses and sizes at yesterday’s vintage automobile exhibition. When you look at Bolongaro you can feel the spirit of Totor and isn’t that what makes a piece of art a success? Emotion passes through this gentle, loving, adorable sculpture. Totor was born in 2015 when Bolongaro made him out of Polystyrene. That was only the beginning, Totor continues to tour the world in a multitude of poses and sizes. For the Musee de l’Automobile de Monaco  ‘Smart Totor’ was fully customized and produced in 8 copies is different sizes and poses. He is 15 meters tall in America and was reproduced in chocolate as a carry away gift for all of the guests.

In addition to the exhibition there was a concert by Big City Blues Band, a comedian Eric Thomas and a Marilyn Monroe look alike, Suzie Kennedy. Least we forget we were at the Musee de l’Automobile de Monaco and surrounded by all of those sublime cars.

I must admit that I too fell in love with Totor, his appeal knows no age.





Diane Pernet

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