ECOcyborg #SelfieDress by Saeun Kjartansdottir & Alex Murray-Leslie

Selfie dress

Dear Shaded Viewers,

#SelfieDress by Saeun Kjartansdottir & Alex Murray-Leslie

Produced by YOMO/IED Barcelona & Julia Weems during the workshop @ IED Barcelona Design University for YOMO/IED Barcelona Mobile World Congress, 2017. 

#SelfieDress is critical fashion tech, informed by the narcissism that exists today in social media for the mass dissemination of the self. It reflects contemporary commentaries about our need to put ourselves out there on the internet in order to feel a sense of validation, to verify we exist and contribute to contemporary culture. The cage symbolises a sense of being trapped in ones own image world, chased by the overlooking eye of social media. The #SelfieDress is a reminder of how technology has helped humans to evolve but reminds us that we need to be careful not to spend too much time looking into the black mirror.

 The garment is powered by 30 mobile phones, capable of taking 360 degree selfies simultaneously, that are shared instantly to social media channels. 

Diane Pernet

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