An interview with French artist Pierre Barbrel and a chat with him about his recent work – Fear of Breakdown or Icare – Fight, Flight, Freeze



Fear of Breakdown or Icare– Flight, Flight, Freeze by Pierre Barbrel

Fear of Breakdown or Icare – Fight, Flight, Freeze

by Pierre Barbrel

Pierre Barbrel
Pierre Barbrel

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Pierre Barbrel is a French artist born in Paris in 1991 and fascinated by Greek mythology, spirituality, religion and symbolism. His mission is to plunge  deep into the senses with his  photographic imagery.  Already a recipient of his first two awards from Art Capital he will be participating in a group show at Grand Palais opening February 14th with his project Fear of Breakdown or Icare – Fight, Flight, Freeze.

Click on the video above so he can tell you about his work himself and visit him on to see more of his work.




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