MODEBELOFTE 2016 – ‘Adaptive Travelers’ is an international selection of fiercely innovative new fashion talent in Eindhoven (NL).

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This fall, the annual Modebelofte-exhibition during Dutch Design Week, will
take place in, and on top of, luxury department store de Bijenkorf in Eindhoven, creative capital of The Netherlands.  From October 22 to 30, Modebelofte initiator You Are Here will present its annual selection of innovative fashion talents, freshly graduated from the very best international fashion schools. Prepare for something spectacular: last edition of Modebelofte, which took place at the Philips Stadium, was awarded ‘Best Of Dutch Design Week’!

The impressive creativity of the new batch of young fashion designers, who graduate each year from the best academies all over the world, holds a tremendous potential and deserves to be taken seriously. Modebelofte – Dutch for ‘fashion promise’ – offers a spectacular stage, annually within the context of Dutch Design Week, for the most innovative talents. Design lovers and talent scouts for the industry come from far and near to Eindhoven, and for a reason. Modebelofte has built a portfolio of over 99 international top talents that the organization wants to make accessible for innovation projects, and an impressive list of approximately 30 new names w ill be added this year.

For the selection of 2016 the Modebelofte-team saw all the graduation shows and contacted and visited the best academies, and not only in The Netherlands, they also travelled to London, Antwerp and Taipei searching for emerging talent.

Participating fashion designers

Niek Pulles and Harm Rensink, the curators and designers of the Modebelofte exhibition selected the most eye catching ‘Adaptive Travelers’- looks from the graduation collections of the following participants:


Liya Liu – Parsons (NewYork)

Katherine Mavridis – Parsons (NewYork)

Zijun Luo(Max) – Central Saint Martins (London)

Edwin Mohney – Central Saint Martins (London)

Timothy Bouyez-Forge – Royal College of Art (London)

Luke Stevens – Royal College of Art (London)

Marie Maisonneuve – Royal College of Art (London)

Helen Kirkum – Royal College of Art (London)

Joseph Standish – London College of Fashion

Caoimhe Savage – Kingston University (London)

Pip Paz-Howlett – University of Westminster (London)

Liam O’Sullivan – University of Westminster (London)

Timo Zündorf – Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp)

Chun-Hsiang Tang – Shih Chien University (Taipei)

Tzu-Hsiang (Wesley) Hung – Shih Chien University (Taipei)

Yu Jou Chung – Shih Chien University (Taipei)

Vika Mozhaeva – Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)

Ralph W Dennis – Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)

Marianna Ladreyt – Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)

Woody’s-Gravemade – KABK (The Hague)

Sarah Lauwaert – KABK (The Hague)

Nadie Borggreve – KABK (The Hague)

Leonie van Balen – ArtEZ(Arnhem)

Johanna Bas Backer – ArtEZ(Arnhem)

Eline Groendijk – ArtEZ(Arnhem)

Johannes Offerhaus – ArtEZ(Arnhem)

Sunna Örlygsdóttir – ArtEZ Fashion Masters (Arnhem)

Wendy Andreu – Design Academy (Eindhoven)

The theme of this edition – ‘Adaptive Travelers’ – sums up the work of the selected international top talents and can thus be viewed as an emerging global trend. Inspired as always by the unstoppable inventive nature of mankind, this year the Modebelofte team noticed a focus on mobility and a longing for adventure. “Now that there is literally not a corner left in the world to discover, and mobility and migration are more often a of necessity rather than luxury, our autonomy is once again an important theme. This ‘up & go’ mindset turns designers into the true inventors that they are; they are designing the way we live tomorrow.”, say Niek Pulles (Heyniek) and Harm Rensink, who are, for the third year in a row , the curators and designers of the Modebelofte exhibition.

Modebelofte will occupy the shop windows from department store de Bijenkorf, visitors will find themselves routed through de Bijenkorf right up to the exhibition on the top floor, and from there, all the way up to the roof!


22 – 30 October (during Dutch Design Week)

Piazza 1, 5611AE Eindhoven (NL)

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