Dear Shaded Viewers,

Silent Violence is the name of the new Collection of Zam Barrett. The Jamaican born Brooklyn Insider is releasing a powerful collection – self made, self produced – eco fibers – great shapes, daring silhouettes: no wimp in these clothes;  you better have some good manners! The collection is an exploration of violence not in its physical and overt sense, but violence in its more sublet forms as carried about by those in politics and power, the selling of cruelty in a package labeled kindness. There is a need to underline, a state: the Policing of Citizens by the state, Psychological manipulation through propaganda and religion. The rage that no one sees: the Klan, Black Panthers, Militias, and Human rights… Zam Barrett addresses political issues of today with a plus: he really cares.

He uses noble materials and eco fibers like Wool and Cashmere, Lightweight linens, Cottons with Stretch. The leathers are Calf and Goat . The concepts and pieces are such as a “Rasta shirt” with braids that gives the wearer dreadlocks, a Floating pocket pants that allows for easy access for moneyed and valuables.Biohazard military cape… A sweater and leather Jacket that zips the wearers arms in an “Handcuffed” Posture. A blazer with removable sleeves, taking away the , “formality” of the wearer…

Zam Barrett is a really cool designer, probably someone’s that touches me the most as independent, strong spirited and ethical, he does not engage into what he cannot deliver and orders are sparse but elite , the top of the chic is to have your coat handmade.

Zam Barrett has values, in the midst of cross culture and messages that resonate from the ghettos to the avenues. You can see that immediately : in the noble fabrics ecos fand skins he uses, the way he tailors everything out of his Brooklyn factory.

The rags and the tags are the symbols of decades of confused generations,  he translates it in its own language and brings so much refinement into it, that it becomes the message.

Zam Barrett collection takes place in a heritage from a culture where men’s values take more of an importance than solely in its appearance. He is a man standing on his own, he is proud and self sufficient, he delivers who he wants to and according to his reality.

Here you can cherish the real luxury of the savoir-faire and the determination of a designer with passion and ethics that can only be admired.  That is what you can call Bad-Assed for real! 

Go by Outcasts Incorporated 2 rue des Francs Bourgeois 75003 Paris – open 9am to 8pm contact : dialogue@zambarrett.com






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