Dear Shaded Viewers:

Despite living in a small town virtually at the end of the earth – Margarita Robertson has established a strong place for herself in the fashion world as both a retailer (her NZ stores Plume stock a well-curated selection of New Zealand and international brands) and designer (for her own brand Nom*d). For 33 years as an international buyer and designer she has played an integral part in influencing what fashion-literate, well-dressed men and women in New Zealand wear. 

This exhibition focuses on 12 key fashion choices she has made personally over this period, elevating them by way of a scaffold-like structure in the centre of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s McMillan Gallery. 

The bare framed nature of this arrangement gives viewers the opportunity to observe the garments from every angle, as well as through them to a display of three films presented on the gallery’s rear wall.

These large-scale projections depict elements of three cities that have been an inspiration to Margarita in both her working and private life: Paris, Tokyo and Dunedin.

The footage creates a stimulating backdrop to the exhibition and was created for it by film makers Max Bellamy, Richard Shaw and Laurent Soler.

The 12 looks affirm Robertson’s remarkable ability to ‘be there’ when major fashion moments occur – the revolutionary early COMME des GAR