Hunger, Issue 10 – text by Silvia Bombardini

In five years’ time… I will still be Hungry! – Rankin, Editor and Founder


Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


Earlier this week Rankin’s own Hunger got to celebrate its first five years on the newsstand with the launch of issue number 10 – one that promises a whole new look and a whole new approach, to begin with its bubblegum pink frame which we certainly hope will stick. Out of the five quinquennial covers, only one was shot by Rankin himself, a taste of the more curatorial role he plans to assume from now on. It’s the one with Jack O'Connell above, flexing his creative muscles in Hunger slang. Remember James Cook of Skins? I know, who would have thought. The issue’s other ambassadors are Raury by Shelby Duncan and Kristen Wiig by Ben Morris, both also above, plus Maddie Ziegler shot by David Roemer and Rosie Huntington Whitely by Dusan Reljin. As apt to capture the moment as the magazine has been since its inception, from the talents it featured to each singular pic, the reaching of such a milestone prompted the team to both muse about the future and revisit the past. When asked to foretell where they think we will be, five years from now, their answers are diverse, but hopeful: from global expansion to local production, we’ll learn to embrace fashion’s new speed. Our current political worries will be all but forgotten and we’ll move on to new colours, in the sunshine. Read the full quotes after the jump and to follow, in order, the favourite image from the Hunger archives that each of them picked to illustrate their thoughts.


In five years’ time… I think young contemporary British art duo Walter & Zoniel will have changed the way we think about art and in five years’ time… I think/hope we will see a real return to the local in terms of production in the fashion industry. – Lily Silverton, Features Editor 

In five years’ time… HOPEFULLY Donald Trump will just be known as the billionaire with the wig on backwards with the amusing surname! – Andrew Gallimore, Beauty Editor

In five years’ time Hunger will still be unearthing the most exciting new talent, and watching those that we've championed so far go stratospheric. We'll be more global, maybe with a few international issues under our belts. Watch this space. – Holly Fraser, Editor

In five years’ time… I think that many more brands will be offering See-Now-Buy-Immediately collections, with Burberry and Tom Ford already leading the way. – Anna Hughes Chamberlain, Senior Fashion Editor

In five years’ time… I may have moved onto another colour. – Kim Howells, Womenswear Fashion Director

In five years’ time….I want to be living the dream, in the sunshine. – Vicky Lawton, Creative Director

In five years’ time the faces of fashion will change. We've seen the decline of the creative directors at brands recently. As they struggle to produce so many collections a year a need breed of younger creatives will take the helms of these houses. Brought up on the internet and fast fashion these creatives work and think differently. – Chris Benns, Menswear Editor