A chat with Aldo, the owner of Pommidoro in Rome where Pasolini ate his last meal the day that he was assassinated November 2, 1975

Dear Shaded Viewers,

I've been in Rome these past few days in order to celebrate Alta Roma, while there a group of friends went to lunch at  Pommidoro. Aside from the delicious food, the spirit of Pasolini is a revered part of the history of Pommidoro.  Aldo, the patron of Pommidoro, just turned 80 one month ago, was happy to share his thoughts about one of his most loyal clients,   the writer/filmmaker, Pier Paolo Pasolini.  Pommidoro has been in Aldo's family for the past 120 years.  While Pier Paolo Pasolini was alive he spent most of his evenings dining at Pommidoro and by the end of the night he could be found in conversation with Aldo. In fact his last dinner on the last night of his life was spent right here at Pommidoro. A curious bit is that after 30 years the police still have never questioned Aldo about Pasolini and the events on the last day of his life. Aldo has his own suspitions about the assassination of Pasolini on November 2, 1975.  Aldo suspects  that there is something seriously wrong with the justice and political system.  Pasolini was the most intelligent person Aldo ever met and a great man and humble one.

Our translator is the Director of Education at the Accademia Costume & Moda, Adrien Roberts. 



Piazza dei Sanniti, 44- 00185 Roma

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