Experimental Music Workshop @ MOMA (October 23)

Friday afternoon, I was at the MOMA Education and Research Department for the musical collaboration workshop led by sound artist/musicians Yuri Suzuki and Yuka Honda (of the band, Cibo Matto).

The workshop was designed to allow participants to create a musical collabortation using two techniques.

The first, "Color Chaser" is a techinque where you draw a circle (or figure) with a black pen. Then you notate using color pen markers along the circle that you've draw. Then a device (the "Color Chaser" will travel that circle and when it encounters the notated color marks, it will create accompanying sounds using a sensor.

The "Ototo" technique uses an electronic mixer that plugged to fruits, vegetables, balloons, etc….will create sounds.

It was an interesting workshop and a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.