After meeting Nobuhiko Obayashi in Sapporo where we were on the jury for the Sapporo Film Fest…I could not wait to discover some of his films, here are a few clips…CONFESSION (1968), Emotion (1966) House (1977) by Nobuhiko Obayashi

Dear Shaded Viewes,

I cannot believe that I did not take the time to screen the films of Nobuhiko Obayashi before meeting him….but with fashion week…and trying to screen about 24 hours of films in competition…no excuses really, I just did not get to it. Once home though I've spent a lot of time on line researching this incredible talent. What a pleasure to meet him and his wife and share some great time with him and the other outstanding jury members at the Sapporo Film Fest. Best memories ever. If I got it right, he made 55 films…and is 77.



Diane Pernet

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