Ashish, spring 2016 – text by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


There was a show yesterday that had the audience whooping, and would have got a standing ovation too, if this weren’t the final day on the LFW schedule, some of us still tipsy from the BoF500 party the night before last, and generally committed to move only if truly necessary. Nothing alike the models, who led the way sliding in on skateboards, effortlessly clad in loose layers of sheer and clusters of sequins. “Lots of tits this season”, my friend says, and its’ true: pellucid tulle, chiffon and organza, often ruched, are set to become summer staples. Come spring 2016, we’ll all be walking around with exposed bits. Those the most wise, will do so in one of Ashish’s daytime nighties, powdered with signature shimmer – as tends to be the case, indeed, glitter is in the air at Ashish. And on the hair, eyelids, nails, knickers, frilly socks and shoes. Heels for the boys, sneakers for the girls. Both wear sparkly slip dresses with barely there spaghetti straps, or nightgown styles with puff sleeves and a full skirt with box pleats, or glaze white sweats with ruffled bell-bottoms and cuffs, all generously sprinkled. A pair comes printed like a lined school notebook, with SHUT UP scribbles and tinselly doodles of flowers and hand drawn stars. Highly fashionable skatewear classics are prettied up: fisherman hats