Taylor McKimens “Stoic Youth” opens at the Hole September 12th

Dear Shaded Viewers,

September 12th is the opening of the new solo exhibition of Taylor McKimens at the Hole. Over twenty new paintings will be exhibited exploring the same subject: two people's heads – inspired by two Greek sculptures from the Metropolitan Museum. Taylor McKimens is known for his paintings of "American Life" with large andnarrative rural tableaux, economically marginalized people, overlooked  and often beautiful details of the natural world and cultural debris. He is both a visual story teller and technical draftsman. His work is vibrating in the intersection between drawing and painting.

“I've read that many successful people wear the same outfit every day. It's one less decision so more time can be spent on more important trains of thought. These paintings have that same basic idea. I like the idea of a head being used as an abstract compositional element. Every brushstroke evokes a certain feeling: a line, a triangle, a square, or a drip all evoke different things and are individual ingredients that when combined create a recipe with harmonizing and contrasting elements. I think a head can be an element just the same as any formal abstract element, so in that way I welcome narrative with these new paintings. But rather than tell a specific story, I'd like to evoke feeling and stir up preconceived ideas about what a head like this might mean, or what figurative painting looks like.” Taylor McKimens



Diane Pernet

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