Miriam Laubscher – Yellow, Red and Blue

Miriam laubscher takes the multi-sensory experience of the art by lygia Clark as a guiding principle : in her work, the viewer is asked to manipulate the artwork and not stay neutral, in a similar way this is true for these dresses that are like canvasses out of which a woman walks. The wearer is part of the canvas, walks out of it and creates her own story.

Like the memory instilled in the madeleine cake from Marcel Proust, our best ideas come to us in a walk, a small habit or a reading, we capture the emotions of that idea and sublimate them into a new shape in our life. in this way the collection takes different fragments of fabric of different textures and vibrant colors which symbolize different thoughts and emotions and creates a new shape.

The underlying canvas is covered in flowing fabrics that remind us of wallpaper slowly coming down from the wall. Gradients of colors reference the slight colour changes the light can make on a curtain. Classical, modern evening wear reminiscent of Madeleine Vionnet is combined with masculine tailoring and sports elements like boxer shorts, bomber jackets and fuzzy sweaters.

The emotions are translated into geometrical shapes, close-ups of fabrics become a new pattern, the fabric samples shape the silhouette. This beautiful poetic collection references the unbearable lightness of being, revealing a woman with a real presence, challenging the conventional notions of beauty. 

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(all pictures: (c) Etienne Tordoir –