Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Disney's Cinderella costume designer Sandy Powell joins Port Eliot Festival's line-up. The famous glass slipper and blue fairy tale ball gown will be displayed in the blue Drawing Room at Port Eliot for all festivalgoers to behold.

Sandy Powell and her team designed and created each costume in the film. The blue ball gown was months in the making and involved several prototype dresses, fittings and trials, involving moving and dancing. As for the glass slipper, Sandy Powell had to attempt to create an item for which the use of the word ‘iconic’ is, for once, merited. She produced a 3D shoe that was shaped and faceted creating a crystal glass look which meant at any given angle, shards of light and refracted, coloured reflections would shine off it.

Port Eliot Festival is an uncategorisable feast of music, words, food, fashion, film, comedy, nature, art and history, runs from 30 July 2-August 2015 on the ancient Port Eliot estate in St Germans, south east Cornwall.



Image credits: Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved