Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

"We can help you think about sex more", the general message of Rankin's film 'X' for Coco de Mer provokes the viewer with everyday banal images mixed with erotized visuals. Trying to push the boundaries and reveal hidden desires. Ashadedviewonfashion had the privilege of asking the creative team a few questions surrounding 'X'.

The film has been shot by an ensemble of directors and photographers including Rankin, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry & Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bronwyn Parker-Rhodes. The unusual phrase captures the main concept behind this short film in a perfect way to exhibit the mission behind "X". We think about sex every six seconds, but do we actually give it the thought it deserves or do we enter into a sort of automatic pilot? Walter Campbell TBWA, certainly appreciates the truth within the phrase and thought and wants to encourage self expression.

"The way we consume imagery, especially erotic imagery is so fast paced, the film manages to capture that whilst also evoking the feeling of you having experienced it at the same time." (Rankin)

While watching the film you are overwhelmed with flashing images, both familiar in daily life as well as shock value images. Coco de Mer felt that a fashion film is the perfect way to express the essence of the lingerie brand's identity.

" It's about heightening the appetite, abandonment of inhibitions and total immersion."
(Lucy Litwack, managing director at Coco De Mer)

"X' uses the direct relation between erotic fantasy and voyeurism, which has a rich tradition in the erotic world. It is interesting to discover that today within the fashion industry there is a form of conservatism against visuals with erotic connotations. It is not that long ago that there was a controversy around the spring ad of Miu Miu, so why did Rankin together with Coco De Mer chose to do a little taboo-poking? Vicky Lawton, creative director at HUNGER, feels that there is a lack of provocative imagery in fashion recently, but sees a bit of an underground rebellion; "Inherently there’s always a shock value to sexual imagery, to be honest I think that’s never going to go away, what’s interesting as a creative and a director is being able to challenge what is perceived as sexual imagery – I personally like to push into the taboo, its much more exciting visually."

With this film Coco De Mer wants to touch upon the people who want to experiment and explore their desires and make these experiences exciting and enriching.

"For us, sex is a very beautiful thing and therefore we create beautiful objects and experiences to celebrate our enjoyment of each other." (Lucy Litwack, managing director at Coco De Mer)

Watch the full film here:https://vimeo.com/128009440