Persuade, 2015 – by Silvia Bombardini

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,


But a 24-hours visit to Bilbao wouldn’t be complete without dropping in on one of the city’s still best kept secrets. A proper cabinet of wonders with notable far eastern leanings, artfully curated by Rosa Orrantia and her team, here’s a peek of what Persuade has in store for the 2015 season.

The lightweight, sandy golden coat after the jump is part of the much awaited comeback collection by Sybilla, a designer Valerie Steele singled out in the Q&A that followed the Bilbao International Art & Fashion Forum as one of her personal Spanish highlights. Hanging right above it, was what up close could be a splendid example of sashiko technique on a traditional Japanese noragi jacket, or something else entirely, exquisite all the same. Then there’s Yamamoto’s much too wise underwear, quoting Paul Eluard – L’amour c’est l’homme inachev