Also in Wams from Jonas Mekas – Factory Award Presentation to Andy Warhol from Ms. Kianga

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A few more excerpts from Wams:


What is the Avant-Garde?


When I came to New York there was already a huge body of avant-garde cinema there was already Keneth Anger, Maya Deren y Sidney Peterson many before me I learned from all of them. I stepped already in the middle not in the beginning. Before that there was the german avant of the 20´s the hole classic avant i´m just the child continuing their work..  I`m  the child not the father not the godfather… just the baby.


How did you first meet Andy?


It was in 1962 that we created Filmmakers Co-operative and we also established a little showcase, Filmmakers Showcase, where we began screening films every weekend. So my home became an office and meeting ground for underground filmmakers, that’s what they used to be called. And every day, every evening, they used to bring their films and show them to each other, and that’s where I met Warhol. I did not even know who he was, you know. I did not recognize him at first. He had to be introduced. But he was there on the floor. We had no chairs to watch movies.



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