Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Public Image PR offered press to take a closer look at their featured brands. The showroom included brands such as DROMe, a.Knackfuss, Uriel Salas, Yasmine Eslami, Louise Assomo, Isabel Benenato, RENE by Rene Storck and Uriel Salas. Here is a highlight of the brands shown at Public Image PR showroom.

Uriel Salas

Uriel Salas is a Mexican jewellery brand that makes items, which are considered statement pieces. Using big gold details as the pendants of the necklaces in contrast to the leather collars makes the jewellery eye catching and easy to combine with other colours.

Yasmine Eslami

This lingerie brand uses a lot of leather and golden details in their items, making it stand out from other traditional lingerie. The collection is split into delicate colourful lace underwear and showpieces, which comes in leather, gold, straps and uses primary black as their base colour.

Louise Assomo

This Belgium designer uses classical shapes to create the ultimate feminine collection. Using embellishments and metallic lurex yarns gives the wearer a touch of glamour. The collection exists of oversized statement coats, a-line skirts, lace and different jacquards making it a flattering and feminine collection with subtle details.