Dear Diane and Shaded Viewers,

Trussardi presented their autumn winter 2015 collection in their Parisian showroom. The brand has expanded their brand into three read-to-wear lines; Trussardi, Trussardi Jeans and Tru Trussardi.

The main line, Trussardi, is inspired by their own iconic leather gloves. This was translated into visible stitching on their leather garments. Next to that, they also incorporate the use of patchwork, combining knits and fur in different patches. While having heavy knits and large statements coats, they try to balance it with soft materials such as fur, to give it the softness that relates to femininity.

Trussardi Jeans, inspired by the military theme, is coloured with army tones and military like jackets. As a component they also used Rock and Roll inspired outerwear and jeans, to mix up the collection and to make it diverse for the clients taste. The jeans have a wide range of different finishing and colours.

Eagle prints and a hint of feathers was the reference point of Tru Trussardi, the prints were used on leather jackets and blouses. They used a variety of different fabric to fill this collection such as pied du poule, tartan, silk and of course leather. A large part of this line existed of parkas, putting the focus on outerwear.