SEXY BEAST FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD LOS ANGELES: Jack Black, Ryan Heffington, Eliza Osborne, Jenny Slate, Alex Israel, Barbara Kruger, Ed Ruscha, Sam Falls… Text by Jessica Trent

Dear Diane, Dear Shaded Viewers,


Sexy Beast is a gala evening of art auction, revelry and performance, with all proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. Sexy Beast celebrates the art world's power to effect positive change, touch peoples' lives, and create value far beyond commercial gain. It also celebrates the different ways we express our humanity. What is sexy is as broad-ranging as what is art–and like art, takes an infinite number of forms–affirming, provoking and reflecting the world around us. Sexy isn't defined by conventional beauty but by an esprit, a way of feeling and showing up in the world. We are all sexy beasts … especially when we use our powers for good.
Jessica Trent



Saturday, September 20th, 7-10PM  /  Theatre at the ACE Hotel DTLA

Hosted by Jack Black

Performance by Ryan Heffington

Auction by Eliza Osborne

Sexy Beast Award Recipient Jenny Slate

Auction Paddles by Alex Israel

Sexy Beast Award by Samara Golden

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Live and silent auction features work by: Lisa Anne Auerbach, Judith Bernstein, Math Bass, Sebastian Black, Andrea Bowers, Matthew Brandt, John Connor, Matt Connors, Mira Dancy, Sam Durant, Sam Falls, Ryan Foerster, Jen Guidi, Karl Haendel, Ryan Heffington, Alex Hubbard, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Sean Kennedy, Barbara Kruger, Mimi Lauter, Calvin Marcus, Dianna Molzan, Sam Moyer, Alex Olson, Laura Owens, Jon Pestoni, Kour Pour, Joe Reihsen, Ed Ruscha, Kaari Upson, Mary Weatherford, Pae White, Christopher Williams, and Jonas Wood.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles provides care to over 150,000 women, men, and teens each year at 19 health centers throughout L.A. Over 93% of the work they do is preventive, including life-saving cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing and treatment, breast health services and health information and counseling. Their education and community outreach programs reach nearly 60,000 women, men and teens in L.A. County each year.