Selfridges celebrates The World of Rick Owens

Dear Shaded Viewers,

Today Selfridges and Rick Owens mark twenty years since the inception of Rick's label.A torso of Rick weighing 1.5 tons and standing 25 feet was designed by the sculptor Doug Jennings and exceuted/realised/brought to life by a company called  'Hot House  i want gets' or 'Hot House IWG'. It took 12 weeks to build and a crew of 20 people to consturct it, transport it and assemble it in four parts: torso, head, arm and torch. Rick,like the statue of  Liberty will be holding a torch that will burn for 12 hours a day for a total of 552 hours for the duration of the project. Every time the Queen of Time chimes in at the quarter hour the flame will be accelerated with bursts of flame. The statues hair is made from 24 kilometres of coated black fabric strips. Jennings is the sculptor that has created the wax sculpures of Rick for each of his shops.  

Rick has designed a 20 piece exclusive collection for the shop to celebrate their collaboration. Prices range from 30 GBP to 1775 GBP.

The concept store will also present a special curation of furniture, tableware and design pieces to albums and books. You will find LPs from Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Klaus Nomi andfilms including Electra, books Apes of God and Jayne County's autobiography, Man Enough to be a Woman and of course Rick's Rizzoli tome with a limited edition cover.



Diane Pernet

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