“intermission” by Fumiko Imano finishing on Thursday in Ginza at 15h00

Dear Shaded Viewers,

The Fumiko Imano exhibition entitled "intermission" is a bit of a secret since Fumiko wants you to experience it fresh rather than on line. What she does reveal is that it is a collection of small objects in a dome that you can take home with you. This exhibition is in celebration of her 40th birthday, she turned 40 July 10th, she considers this a turning point in her life like an"intermission" taking place before the new chapter begins. In this exhibition Fumiko questions herself and looks back at her life like a story from her life movie.  

fumiko imano exhibition


fumiko imano ??

intermission ????

venue: gallery art graph (shashin kousha ginza blanch)

exhibition period: 15th -21st August 2014

10:00?18:00 thursday, saturday 17:00, 21st closing15:00

sunday closed

address: 2-9-14 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo 104-0061 japan

TEL: 03-3563-0372 ? FAX: 03-3538-6822 



http://ashadedviewonfashion.free.fr/videos/chapels_fumiko.htm  NOSTALGIA 2001 with DIsciple films Fumiko at 27 in Paris

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